33: MakerBot iPhone Special

E33-Makerbot Special from EvD Media on Vimeo.

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These days we use our iPhones for everything from shooting disgruntled fowl into the homes of unsuspecting swine to practicing our marriage proposals (Siri, will you marry me?). It would only be natural for the next evolution of iPhone uses to involve cases and accessories that allow you to scoop out cat poop while catching up with Grandma, or having a conference call while making pizza dough.

In this very special episode with Develop3D’s Al Dean, we’ll be reviewing our favorite design submissions, announcing the three winning entries, and announcing the grand prize winner, who will receive: a Makerbot Replicator 3D Printer valued at $1999, a one-year Cadjunkie Pro Membership, and (drum roll please)- an EvD Tshirt!

Thanks to everybody for your submissions and keep your eyes peeled for more competitions in the future!

View all the entries HERE.

UPDATE: Check out the makerbot announcement here!

First Prize

The iFlail, by aubenc: If you are a Master/Mistress of… Middleages wars you will most probably have no pockets in your armor. No problem! Now you can use this accessory to keep your iPhone handy in the battle field.

Runners Up:

iPee by steverindy: The perfect iPhone dock/stand for any bathroom. :)
Intricate urinal detail with a cutout for a standard charging cable. Even features a real working water flow design. Never leave the comfort of a public restroom again.

gumphone by Noodles: Watching movies on your iPhone usually results in one of two things: a) Achey arms (holding it up to eye level) or b) Creaky neck (from looking down at it). the gumPhone aims to solve these problems by using one of the most powerful muscles in your body: your jaw! Now you can watch movies wherever & whenever with ease. gumPhone! Yeah!

Here’s a highlight of some of our favorite entries to the contest.