31: Brad Peebler, Founder of Luxology modo

29 Feb, 2012 by adam in Episodes


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Hold on to your jellybeans kids! Today we have Brad Peebler, founder and CEO of Luxology,  on the show! Brad will talk to us about the process of starting a software company from the ground up and what we can expect from the new modo 601!

We’ll be talking with Brad about:

  • modo 601: the dirty details
  • life in the ‘Silicon Prairie’ of Kansas
  • the origins of Luxology and the Newtech backstory
  • why Luxology hasn’t sold out

The News:

Congrats to Stijn van der Linden for winning the EvD-Shapeways necklace design competition, and $200 in free 3D printing! His ‘Go With The Flow’ necklace design was wicked cool, even if you didn’t know that it was based on the idea of a 3D spirograph, and modeled using a custom-written generative C++ program (!!!) Great work, Stijn!

You can see all the entries to the EvD 3D Printed necklace design competition on Shapeways.

  • http://www.behance.net/scottschneider Scott Schneider

    Love the interview. Brad I hope I get the chance to meet you some day. Awesome product, breaks all the rules of development. Its actually getting better with every release not just maintaining the status quo.

  • http://www.studio-aiko.com Ohad Barda

    Modo is the Best SubD software on EARTH!

  • http://juidegre.net Meg Amsden

    The genius of the good leader is to bid farewell to him a scenario which common sense, with no grace of genius, can deal with successfully.
    Even though the law of competition could be sometimes hard for the individual, it is best for the race, as it ensures the survival from the fittest in every single department.

  • http://www.mjengineering.com/ Adam Pohl

    Great episode, your guests have been some of the best in the biz.. you guys continue to impress