32: Blake Courter – Co-Founder, SpaceClaim

16 Mar, 2012 by adam in Episodes

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Steady those fizzy pop drinks and hold on to your seats everybody! Today we have the very talented Blake Courter, Co-founder of SpaceClaim on the show!

We’ll be talking with Blake about:

  • What is SpaceClaim?
  • How can SpaceClaim make your workflow easier?
  • The truth about Adam’s peg leg.
  • Blake’s mean musical instrument talents
  • ross

    Hi, I thought the contest ended on the 19th? The announcement page says that. Is it still open?

    • http://evd1.tv Adam OHern

      Hey Ross!

      You are indeed correct, and apologies for the confusion. This episode was recorded last week, and accidentally delayed in its release. Thanks for double-checking!

      The competition is indeed closed, and we are currently delving through the treasure-trove of entries in search of a winner!


  • Engineernerd

    “Happy Surfaces”

    I all I could think of was Bob Ross sitting at a CAD screen adding happy surfaces to a model in very mellow way.

    Great show guys!

    • http://evd1.tv Adam OHern

      Bob Ross…. HA!! That takes me back. I used to nap to that show as a kid.

      • http://www.kubotekusa.com Scott Sweeney

        Have you seen – Bob Ross – The Joy of Direct Modeling ? Here is the youtube video http://youtu.be/nSqpEJPr25w

        • Engineernerd

          That’s cool! Thanks for sharing, I hadn’t seen it.

          (The downside, I will now be spending time watching Bob Ross parody videos for hours on end… :D)

  • gore

    i think spaceclaim need custom hotkey setting.